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hibah takaful

Assalamualaikum,  saya Eyna Puzi sebagai Perunding Takaful dari PRUDENTIAL BSN TAKAFUL sedang giat membuat kempen HIBAH TAKAFUL wang tunai...

About Me

Eyna Puzi | 10:20:00 PM | Comment
"Start chasing your goals because you are 
the only one who can achieve them first!"

Bach of Landscape Architect (Hons)
PruBSN Takaful Advisor
Founder of Syhzna Sisters

I am an extrovert person for the first time.
Just get to know me first and we can be bff !

Love food but not a food lover.
Love outdoors and natures env.
Choose to hang out in free time.
Prefer organic instead of geometric.
Afraid of height but i is a challenger.
A shopaholic which in under control.
A talkative when meet "the talkative".
A music listener of Punk, Indie Rock.

Major Hobbies :
Art | Drawing | Word

Major Interests :

Photography | Fashion | Travel

Major Thinkings :

Expressions | Logicals | Imaginations



I am doing some businesses to support my life
Protection Policies from Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad 
Woman Clothing from Syhzna Sisters

Please refer to CONTACT tab for any inquiries

Thank You

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